Look for this poster around ESTEC

What does joining get me?

  • New friends! 😉
  • Access to the club Microsoft Teams group and all club members.
  • Access to the club room where all our retro hardware is kept.
  • Access to weekly lunchtime retro gaming and monthly evening retro gaming sessions.
  • Use of the computers, consoles, arcade and pinball machines the club has.
  • Use of the electronics workshop and associated tools.
  • Help, advice and support with repairing and refurbishing your retro machines.
  • Help with data recovery from old outdated media formats.
  • The ability to vote on club spend decisions.

How much is membership?

  • 25 euro per year.
  • Paid by IBAN transfer to the club bank account.

Is there a discount for Interns?

  • Interns are allowed to join for free, but cannot participate in club spend decisions.

How do I join?

  • Look around ESTEC for the poster shown on this page (try the main canteen notice board).
  • Scan the QR code in the middle using your ESA corporate phone.
  • Click Request to join.
  • The club admins will see a notification and someone will contact you.

Can I have a trial period?

  • Yes, we allow access to the Teams group for two weeks while you decide if you want to join officially.
  • After the two weeks have expired you can either pay the membership or leave the group.



Where can I get more information?

  • Here is the slide deck we originally used to propose the club to the ESTEC Sports Social Culture Committee (SSCC). It contains information about our intentions for the club and some of our long term goals. It also has terrible mug shots of the club officers 🙂